The story of our property begins in the pre-Civil War era. Native Americans discovered the springs where the Ballroom now rests, and claims began to spread that there were healing powers in the icy-cold waters that trickled from the ground. Eventually, bath houses were built and the area became a popular resort, lasting from the mid-nineteenth to early twentieth century. At the culmination of its popularity, three hotels were established to accommodate the many visitors.

In 1907, the mystic waters of the spring dried up. Many claim that this was a result of the discovery and drilling of oil in nearby Evangeline, Louisiana, which reduced ground pressure and lowered the water table.

Our buliding was originally constructed in 1930 by the Louisiana Irrigation & Mills Company. This well-built brick structure served as their main pumping plant, at one time supplying many Southwest Louisiana farmers with irrigation to their rice crops. The building housed two large Fairbanks-Morse engines, capable of pumping 60,000 gallons of water per minute out of Bayou Des Cannes and into the flumes which carried it a quarter of a mile above ground into man made canals throughout Acadia Parish. In the mid to late 1960's, the plant was shut down, mainly due to the high cost of maintenance.


In 1990, Debra Hebert purchased the land from Altha Fisher, a direct descendant of the original owners. Debra was determined to renovate the building, and after nine years of work, the extensive restoration was complete.

Today, a grand ballroom of Victorian era decor and vaulted ceilings has evolved. It is fully accented with custom New Orleans style ironwork and light fixtures, floor to ceiling windows, gold leaf mirrors, and mahogany rococo furniture. In the center hangs an eight foot tall chandelier complemented by an ornate ceiling medallion. The ballroom opens to a glass room overlooking the banks of Bayou Des Cannes. A 2003 addition allows the venue to accommodate a greater number of guests and a rustic New Orleans style porch adds to its enchantment.

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